Friday, January 30, 2009

Yeah it worked...Christmas Snow...

Christmas day, because of the snow, Steve and I went for a drive around Ferndale and Bellingham.

the snow that we had had was beautiful. It was so peace-filled. So we donned our boots, camera in hand and set out to explore the snow.

We went to the cemetery, the county roads, and Whatcom Falls. it was just as beautiful as I thought it would be. If we had a sound thingy in our computer I would have uploaded music. So, you will have to hum something that makes you feel content. That is how I felt this Christmas. It wasn't a horrible time like I thought it would be without our kids and my sister and her husband. It was a grown-up realization that family is so important to me but we were able to enjoy the day with just the two of us...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas day....

Okay, this didn't work, and I can't get rid of it...oops
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Here they are....

Somehow the pictures come first...I am working with a computer that is still not playing nice...
Yes, Easter was part of our triplet routine...
I wanted to include me...I had the matching blouse...Jane's first Christmas. Jane never liked the matching dresses...she got to wear them again!
Even as they got older...we had to match...hmmmm...One of these things are not like the others, one of these things are not the which one isn't like the others? He just wasn't a team player!

There were so many other homemade disasters but after spending the time and the energy to sew them...we had to wear them AND SMILE
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What happens to mothers of more than one daughter?

Betsy had a normal life until her sister was born. Christmas came and she had cute little dresses from the local children's store bought by her grandmother (Betsy told everyone that her beautiful dresses were bought from KMart because that was her favorite store.) The same thing happened at Easter. She would go to church with her little hat and dress and shiny black shoes. She was cute and girlie. But then it happened...For some unexplanable reason...something happened to ME when Jane was born.

The first evidence that something was wrong came just weeks after Jane was born. Jane was born on Flag day (June 14th for those of you who aren't up on your holidays) By the 4th of July, I turned into this maniac that had to have matching dresses FOR ALL OF US. Just so you know, I did work on Steve but he never sucumed to the sickness that over took me every Christmas and Easter.

I wish that I had enough room and time to show you every creation but I am pretty sure you will get the idea. Don't think that there weren't rules. I had them....hmmm, maybe this is where our girls get their internal rules that sometimes I just don't understand.

So...sit back and watch the parade of Matching outfits...and remember...this isn't all of them!
And when people said, "Oh, Look at the Linda and the girls!" I thought they thought it was I have to wonder.

And that is one of my favorite things.

I'm back...kind of...

My computer is home from Best Buy but is not playing well with some of the new things that were added. I am at work this week and so will do some updating here and then, add pictures later.

Today I was supposed to start classes. Even after teaching for all those years, the night before school starts, I don't sleep well. Last night was no different. I was up and ready to go and left by 7:30 AM to make the hour trip to ACTS seminary in Langley, Canada. The farther north I traveled, the snowier it got! The snowier it got, the prettier it got, AND the slipperier it got.

I entered the campus and thought that it didn't appear to be "ready" for the students. Well, they weren' starts tomorrow! So, after I gathered all of my things for class, and got out of the car, one of my former profs was arriving too. After the greeting, he informed me that I didn't have to be there until tomorrow. Back in the car I went and traveled the hour home and came to work.

On the way there, I was struck by the beauty that surrounded me. The snow clung to the trees and the power lines & polls. The stream by campus was picture perfect...

I was also listening to a CD that a friend gave me with a variety of songs. I don't know the name of the song or who did it but the words are:

I know how I can stray
and how fast my heart could change.
Empty me of the selfishness inside,
every vain ambition, and the poison of my pride
and every foolish thing my heart draws me to.
Empty me of me
so I can be filled with you.

It really touched me because that is me. I do know how fast my heart strays when I do not take the time to be with Him so that He CAN fill me. I have to believe that the surroundings and the song was a gentle reminder of my God, Creator and Savior, who loves me so much and wants my heart to be emptied of all of the selfishness and be filled with His Spirit.

I do have plans to finish "My Favorite Things" so stay tuned.