Thursday, April 1, 2010


Something happened this morning that maybe won't seem that significant to you. I was driving down our Main Street and recognized a gentleman who was standing waiting for the light to change. I waved and his face brightened and he waved. Not a big deal? No, but it started me thinking.

This is Easter week and my thoughts have centered on just what Jesus did for me. This week, many years ago, Jesus made a triumphant entry into Jerusalem with the crowds cheering and praising God. He taught many people throughout the week...knowing what was going to happen to Him...for He knew the timetable...while we don't know. Then, He celebrated Passover with His disciples, went into a garden to pray and agonize over what was going to happen to Him. He was arrested, beaten, mocked, shuffled from one magistrate to another, listened to the false testimony about Him, and watched as a crowd, who one week ago singing praise to His Father, shouted "Crucify Him!"

Placed on a cross...died...was rushed to a borrowed tomb to be placed before the Sabbath began. Three days later, He arose from the dead and spent time with many people before He was raised to heaven to sit on the right hand of His Father.

So how does this even begin to relate to a gentleman who smiled and waved to me in Ferndale WA on April 1, 2010? I realized that the Creator of the World, the Son of God, the Lamb of God, Sustainer of His creation, God...the Holy One...recognizes me. When I come to Him, He brightens and welcomes me to sit with Him, to share His wisdom with me, and to love me. He recognizes me. He loves me beyond comparison.
div>< This Easter weekend will be filled with new dresses; the flowers shoot up from the earth and the leaves on the trees, seemingly dead come to life in an amazing light green; Easter candy and dyed Easter eggs will be hidden. Some will go to church because this is the thing to do on Easter Sunday and then homes will be filled with family for a spread of ham, turkey, hot cross buns, and multitudes of other favorite Easter traditions. For me...I always stand amazed that this man who gave His life for me, loves me, died for me, and desires to have a relationship with me. He recognizes ME! And that is about as awesome as it can be. is all about Him.