Friday, July 23, 2010

North Dakota Nursery CHECK

I flew to Fargo July 13 to help Jane and Andy with the nursery.
What began as a black and white and grey nursery turned out to be
orange, green and yellow!!!
It was a fun and busy week. We painted, sewed, and assembled furniture.
Betty, Betsy's mother-in-law, joined the fun!!! and painted the bookcase trim.
We weren't going to paint the shelves but a coat of white Betsy and Jane!
Andy came home for the weekend and weighed in on the colors of paint and was
excited about the stripes!!!!
When Betsy went to a "ceramic" shop, she thought that she needed to MAKE something for the nursery. You really can't tell how beautiful it is...the picture doesn't do it justice.
(Betsy reads my blog!!!!)
Another miracle will enter the picture in November. Jane would like it on November 11 because she does like holidays for birthdays ... she was born on Flag Day!!!
Betsy would like the baby to come on November 30 because then the baby
would be born on Simon's birthday.
For Jane's sake, her due date is the 22, I hope that Betsy's wish doesn't come true!!!
It is too much past I think Jane's date would be better!
(Jane reads my blog too)
After a week in North Dakota, I am in Nebraska.
BTW: the heat is WONDERFUL!!!! I love it!!! yesterday...105 heat index!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please Pray

Here is Mazie cleverly hidden by Mazie, Cookie, and Max the Cat...she was very cold...
and later in the playroom!

I have been spending some great times with my kids...I'll post pictures later: of my time with Jane, but for now

Please pray for:

Mazie: she is in the hospital. Lots of tests and a fever that just won't go down. She has an IV and is getting lots of fluids. She is on some tough antibiotics. She isn't eating. She IS drinking! Tomorrow, she has a test and can have nothing by mouth until after her test at 12:30. you have to realize that there are 2 phrases that are first to come out of her mouth in the morning: I am thirsty and I am hungry!!! This won't be easy for anyone. She is a trooper and she is a funny bunny even when she doesn't feel well! My heart hurts to see her. She can't go home until the fever is down for 24 hours. It was up at 9:00 tonight!

Simon: Sibling syndrome...his sister, mom and dad appear to his brain that he is the forgotten child. We know about this because this is how Jane

felt whenever Betsy was sick. Notice me...I am still here. Tonight was tough. He wanted his mom to put him to bed and she was at the hospital. His language failed him when he was explaining this to his mom and he did sound like he was being stubborn...poor little guy!!! Even with Nana here, mom is always better

Betsy: she has been staying in the hospital with Mazie. She is sleeping very little. She has been torn between work and family and hospital. She told me today that this isn't what she planned to happen when I came to visit. I just consider it another gift from God that I am able to be her this week to help. She hides her concern well but I know that there is concern.

Jon: Jon is trying to hold work and home together...and tonight said he was very tired. He spent the day at the hospital today and came home tonight.

I love this family so much and am well aware of God's hand in our lives. His almighty and wonderful presence surrounds us and I cherish the prayers of those who have known and supported us in prayer. I am thankful that my lonely husband encourages me and tells me that he is glad I am here even though I know that he is missing me. I praise Him for who He is. I thank Him that His arms are wrapped around this family and that the things that are happening are not a surprise to Him. I thank Him that much the same as when we struggled when we were going through medical concerns with Betsy, His hands are always the ones most competent.

It is late, I need to go to bed, pictures will come tomorrow!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A New Dawn

The house is quiet except for the fans running to cool it down. Steve is still in bed and for the past several days I have been awake at dawn...I know this because I have seen the sun rise for the last several 4:00ish. I realized today that although I don't always get up, this is my favorite part of the day. I have tried to put my finger on what it is about this time in our house.
I used to think that it was because I felt alone, before we both rushed off to work. But that can't be it, because Steve still rushes off to work, but I am alone much of the day.

I think it is because for me, this is a time when I can feel my Savior's presence. I love doing devotions in the morning. I love praying in the morning. I love being alone with God in the morning. When I don't meet with God in this precious time, I almost feel like I missed Him which is silly because I know that He is ever-present.

There is just something that causes me to pause and praise Him in the morning. I think that it is the holy hush to my day. Thank you Father for your presence this morning and in my life. Thank you for this day that you have given me. Thank you for watching over those whom I love. Jesus, thank you for being dawn...and allowing me to experience it with you.