Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bunnies, Bees, and Believe it or not!

Several weeks ago, we spotted this rabbit in the yard. It looks like a former pet and when talking to a neighbor about "Bunny" she figured that the rabbit wouldn't last long with all of the cats and the dogs in the neighborhood.
Well, Bunny has adopted the cats. Where they go, she goes...and she really likes this black cat. Yes, she really is touching the cat!
As you can tell, they are a match made in....heaven????????
Today, I was watching this out the window....
In case you can't tell, there are wasps completely enclosing a bird house...yes, I think they have done this with all of our bird houses. We'll wait until nightfall and then we will neutralize them with a PETA approved spray to put them into a sleep state, and then transport the little darlings to another place more suitable to build a hive than outside my back door...okay, so we're going to annihilate them! I saw a movement under our table and...
There was Bunny. She was preening and cleaning herself and I wondered what she had been up to since we had been gone for 10 days. I wondered if she realized that I really do love the bunnies and wanted her to be here. I am a Bunny lover...Steve...he is Elmer Fudd!
It appears that it was not my house at all that Bunny was liking. She was waiting for her little friend to come home and she ran over and greeted her. Much to her dismay...she could not get under the fence. I am guessing that the neighbor is well aware that her cat has brought home a stray!

We are home and you will hear all about it in the days to come....

From Washington to Minnesota to North Dakota...we traveled and we had a great time with Andy and a belated party for birthday girl, Jane....

Then on and on and on through South Dakota...one of the longest roads to travel, dipping into Iowa, and then to Nebraska....we spent time with Betsy, Jon, Simon, and birthday girl, Mazie + 6 and had a great time....
We got home last night? maybe this morning at 2:30 AM and in our wake we left a cold that is vicious....
Tomorrow, I'll give you a summary...however, I didn't use my camera much in Fargo....Teka Rose, Betty and Carl's sweet baby girl was the only one who got a picture...sorry family....there were opportunities...just forgot again....

Make up Monday....

35 years together on June 16th! And I LOVE this man more than I can even express or imagine!

June 16th came on a Tuesday and so we wanted to do something to mark the event...I worked that day.

First the alarm went off and I changed in to my gym clothes and my eyes were still trying to focus...and my wonderful husband said...Happy Anniversary Honey! I would have remembered after the gym and coffee but without coffee in the morning, my memory just doesn't work well.

I got to work and it was not busy at all so I gave him a list to fill out so we could discuss it at dinner:
In 35 years of marriage, each of us will write:
10 events that stood out to each of us
10 things that we have learned about each other
5 surprises or gifts that stand out
5.....this is why you should do this right away....5 somethings?
5 things we would like to see happen in the future for us
Which totals 35 things!
We went out to dinner to Anthony's and then had a wonderful evening thinking about and talking about the different things. It was amazing that our events were different in some respects but so similar. We talked of the births of each of our girls, their weddings, the grandchildren God has gifted us. We talked about difficult times in our marriage but were able to see the hand of God even on those times. Some of the things were happy, others were sad but throughout the 35 years His fingerprint has been upon us.
Our goals that we have set are to continue to follow His leading. All through our married life it is easy to trace the path that He has led us on. We look to the future and know that He will continue to guide and although we have never experienced the "writing on the wall" His directions have been evident.
One of the things we talk about is Steve's retirement, downsizing, moving from this house to a smaller home...but for now, we are in a waiting pattern. We don't feel led to leap into a frenzied mode to put our house on the market, today. His timing and His guidance is what we seek...and know that waiting on Him is our response to all of the future questions. Interestingly, we have never been a couple who have said...in 5 years we want to be at this place in our career with the exception of our retirement. Yet, when things have happened from the day of our wedding, the birth of our daughters, retirement from teaching for both of us, school, and moving out here...we continue to follow His leading.
We have to praise Him for the life He has given us. Reviewing was good. Being with the man I love...was better. Someday being with the Savior....will be the best.