Friday, March 19, 2010

Washington Winter (a)Wakens with wonder...

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Steve had his duty of the blessings we love out means that he has 2 Saturdays. We talked about getting on the ferry system, looking at both Washington and British Colombia ferry systems. We decided (actually Steve decided) that we should do a photo trip and just photo what we see.

We headed for LaConner, a favorite spot for us. Because of the warm winter that we have had, the tulip fields of Skagit County, usually in bloom in April, are starting to bloom now. So we got into the car, armed with camera and the book The Shack and headed for Skagit County.

For years when we have gone on road trips, we have read books. It makes the time pass, we have read some classic books, and our family loved the time we had listening to the stories. Our church is having the author of The Shack right after Easter and our small group is discussing the book before he it made sense that we read the book together. This time, we even read the book as we were sitting by the water during lunch.

Lunch along the water, eaten outside...daffodil fields blooming...the sun shining warm and bright...spending time together...discussing the book...enjoying each other...a gift from our Heavenly Father.

We love exploring new places and discovering the amazing world that God has given us. Then, there are days when we want the comfort of the known. Although the excitement is fun in life and in our spiritual life, the comfort of the known is also good. For our "first Saturday" this week, we chose the known and found the blesssings that God had for us.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Predictable genetics???

You have heard the expression that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
And if you planted a blueberry bush, you would not be expecting it to produce strawberries...If you did, you probably need a horticulture class. It just doesn't work that way. Even scripture tells us that what you plant in the ground will grow...and to be honest in most is a good thing...

As our children grow it is fun (and sometimes not so fun) to see how and what they mimic in our behavior. As our daughter, Jane, grew, it was interesting that even as a little girl, people would tell me (and Jane) that she was exactly like me. In fact, Jane heard this so many times that she asked me one time, "Mom, people say I am just like you, is that a good thing?" Keep this in mind for the next story!
On several occasions when I have been traveling, I have missed my flight .
The first time, I was at my nephew's wedding and I was 12 hours and pm are so close!
Another time, I got in my head that I was leaving Sunday and not Saturday. When I tried to check in on Saturday, I couldn't and I was a little miffed when I contacted the airlines...although I tried to keep my voice "nice." .... thankfully I did, because I was a day late. I was to leave on Saturday... That time it cost me a whole NEW ticket. Expensive mistake...yes!

When these things happen to me, I can be seen crying and muttering..."idiot, idiot, I am such an idiot." It is not one of the better traits that I care to pass on to our children. Stress alone makes it an unpleasant experience for everyone involved. Steve is usually the one who gets to pick up the pieces but both of the girls have also had to help me...and other dear friends have encouraged me...and I do not think that this behavior is contageous or it is a viable trait that passes through the genes...

Last week I spent time with Jane. She picked me up at the Fargo airport at 7:00 pm and when I left, Steve was going to pick me up in Seattle at 7:00 pm. I think that this is an important part of the story...stay with me...
On Friday, Andy and Jane headed to the airport for a much needed time of relaxation for Andy and a conference for Jane in Florida (where the snow is not deep and the moose do not turn blue because they are so cold)...
Off to the airport they went, getting there by 5:15 with plenty of time to spare to catch their flight at 7:00pm (do you see what I mean about the time being significant?). They went to check in their bags (they had already checked in on line so they had their bording passes--for those of you who think this makes a doesn't)...There, at the ticket counter they learned...their flight had taken off at 4:15. Their names had been called but they had missed their flight.
When Jane called and told me, my heart went out to her. I asked her if she was crying? Answer: Yes. I asked her if she had called herself an idiot? Answer: Many times.
I think what was most discouraging to her about missing her flight was that her master plan to put me into a care unit because of memory failure, has now been put on hold.
I love my girls. I love when I see them doing things that I have taught them...
Following Jesus, loving His Word, making great choices, giving Him praise, cooking, sewing, encouraging their husbands...and the list could go on...
I really wish that this "forgetfulness" was not something that has been placed in their genes...but I have to remember that:
God loves us, He has a plan for us, and sometimes, that plan is not our plan, it humbles us and makes us realize that we cannot do anything without Christ.
Jane is in Florida now...a day late and a missed massage. Andy will leave on Tuesday instead of last Friday...they will have a shortened time in Florida...but God's plan is always the best for all of us.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

YouTube - That's My King!

I was looking at several youtube videos and found this one...He is my King. I ask you know Him? Here's a little about Him...

YouTube - That's My King!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Las Vegas...Hawaii...The Olympics...and Fargo, ND

When I left Ferndale, our crocus, tulips, daffodils, camellias and the fruit trees and tulip trees were blooming. I had been to Las Vegas and Hawaii where the weather was fabulous. I took the bus to Seatac on Tuesday and boarded a plane to Fargo...and yes, I have seen the movie.
This is the famous Red River that made headlines last spring and may well make headlines this spring. The mayor was on the news explaining what they were planning for the upcoming spring and flooding. 5,000 sand bags a day is their goal. My heart goes out to the people who have stood against this river for years and continue to battle to keep their homes and land.

The snowmen are a little more elaborate! This is outside the theater. Here they carve snow like we carve sand in the pacific northwest.
Jane thought that I should be climbing Fargo's version of Mount Baker. It is really a HUGE pile of snow that has been pushed off of the parking lot. I even made a bit of a snow man...

But I didn't come for the river, the snow, the mountains of snow or the cold. I came because Jane was going to have surgery on Thursday.
I am so glad that I am here. I don't know how much help I have been because she really is very organized. It has been fun. It has been cold. I was able to connect with a friend that I hadn't seen for a very long time. We skyped with Betsy, Simon, and Mazie and swapped jokes.* Had dinner with friends that are really more of a family.
It has been a good few days and I don't leave for another couple of days.
So...from the frozen north....God bless each of you. He gives us days and experiences to enjoy, enjoy them to the fullest and thank Him for them.
*Simon: Why did the hamburger cross the road?
Jane and Nana: Why?
Simon: To ketchup with the french fries.
Mazie: Knock knock
Jane and Nana: Who's there?
Mazie: French fries
(Roll on the couch laughing. Simon is 5; Mazie is 4. When you are 4, humor is a bit different!)

Vancouver Winter Olympics

Steve's last duty day, he suggested we go to Vancouver. So on Friday, we headed for the border. There was only a 5 minute wait and we were headed for the sky train.
The parking lots were full ... what to do? A block from the sky train there was a Costco. With membership comes privileges. We parked in their lot, jumped on the sky train, and we ended up at the flame and the heart of the city.

Every street held excitement. People were everywhere and the languages in abundance.
Waits and lines were everywhere.
On this particular street, there were many examples of various art and sculptures.
Steve and I posed in front of the totem poles...and Starbucks coffee shop.
We waited in line for an hour, met a family from Washington, DC, and waited until it was our turn to have our picture with the Olympic flame in the background.
It was fun to see it up close. Made of glass not metal which was a surprise to us.
It was Steve's idea to pose in the huge cut outs. He got all set and I took the picture. He seemed to fit a little better than....
I did in this cut out...
We finished off the day, enjoyed the sights, missed a lot, waited in lines,....
all and was another great day together. And how I praise God for another get away together.

The flame was a great suggestion for a Duty day.