Sunday, November 28, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions. I was set to drive to Omaha last Sunday. Because there was a storm, I left early. So Saturday, I drove to Omaha and was thrilled to see Jon, Betsy, Simon, Mazie, and the + Six that live with them. I felt great...I walked into their house and got HUGE hugs all around. We had a great couple of days and on Tuesday, Steve flew in to Omaha to join the festivities and preparation for Thanksgiving.
Situation #1:
It is a known fact that Steve is the one to prepare the turkey and the Thanksgiving feast! So, it only made sense that I would entertain Simon and Mazie on Wednesday. Simon got home from school and Simon, Mazie, and I set out for the hotel...about 10 minutes from Boys Town. I turned on Maggie, our GPS, and off we went, confident that we would have a great time in the pool. Finally, Simon said, "Nana, it feels like we are going in circles!" OK, so I felt the same way. And we WERE! After traveling in circles for over an hour, I called Betsy, frantic. She knew where I was, but the panic level didn't allow me to process what she was she asked if she could talk to Simon (5 year old grandson). She asked him is he could see the way to their church. After a minute or two, Simon made the connection and we were on our way. We got to the hotel, and when I saw the sign...this conversation occured
Me: "Nana is going to cry for a couple of minutes, but it is okay."
Simon: "Nana, there is no reason to cry; we are here. It's okay."
Mazie: "Nana, you are a genius...."
We swam then went back to Boys Town for supper.
Situation #2:
Steve was still needed for the final touches on the Thursday meal, so after supper it was decided that I would take the chiklins back to the hotel. Simon ran to his room and said he had to pack some things. He told his mom that for this trip, he needed to pack a "survival" kit. Loaded with water (2 bottles), socks, books, bandaids, wipes, and your basics for when you get lost when traveling with your Nana.
The conversation when we got to the hotel was a little different that time:
Mazie: "Nana, you made are a genius."
Simon: "Mazie, Nana really isn't a genius, because genius means very smart...we can say Nana is really great."
Do you hear that sound????? It's the sound of a bubble popping.
Situation #3:
When I took the kids into the hotel after that bubble popping comment...I gathered up the things from the trunk. Thus the situation began...however, I didn't know it at that time. The next morning, we got ready to go to the pool. I asked Steve to grab my camera that could be found in my purse! Purse? Not in the room....oh, I's in the trunk. Keys? KEys? KEYs? KEYS!!!!????????? WHERE ARE THE KEYS???????? A quick search...a longer search...a frantic search.....hmmmmmmmm......PANIC!
For the next 2 days, we called a locksmith, Budget car rental several times...Let's see....Thanksgiving day....everyone was nice but dismissive and each person quoted a higher price. We opted to put it off until Friday morning. I called Budget Rental Roadside Assistance on Friday morning. Thought I would set things up and we would be on our way to Fargo.
PROBLEM: No one can get into the car in Omaha, needs to be towed to Lincoln, NE. Or option #2: We can trade cars and then after they open the trunk...they will send my purse to me.
Reaction: Sobbing! I called Betsy. I called Jane. I was sobbing. Steve, Mazie, and Simon came in and Steve was concerned. Mazie came to me and hugged and patted my back and said, "It's okay, Nana. Don't cry."
Simon: "Nana, get control of yourself. Take a deep breath. let it all out. Now, get control of yourself."
Yep...I am not a genius, and I need to have self control!
I love my grandchildren...they allow me to be humbled!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving means...

For many of us, it means the comforts of life that we experience.
We look around our thanksgiving table and we are thankful for our family and friends who surround our table...
We are thankful for being able to worship God...
We have many things that we are thankful for...but what if...

you didn't live in a safe home and were fearful of what adults in your family would do to you when they would come home high?
you didn't go to school because you were fearful of what would happen to you?
you didn't have positive friends to influence you?
your grandparents were raising you because your parents died when you were 6 because of drugs?
you were addicted to alcohol/ the age of 15?
you didn't have a family who wanted you?
you didn't have food to eat regularly?

And then, what if you were placed somewhere that you were free to:
feel safe
feel love
know that people loved you
you were able to go to school
you were able to to eat meals...with people who were encouraging you...
you were able to hear about God in this place you were placed...

Today we went to Boys Town Thanksgiving Service and we listened to students speak of what had changed in their lives since they came here. They spoke of the situations that they came from and it was moving.

God directed Father Flanagan years ago to begin a place called Boys Town to help youth in trouble! It is still a place that helps youth who are lost and searching for truth, love, and an environment to allow them to grow in a safe place and learn of God.

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? I am humbled by the abundant life that God has given me...and thankful that my daughter and her husband have introduced me to Boys Town. I am thankful for the girls that live in their home. I am thankful for the loving family that He has given me...

So...what are you thankful for?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Introducing...the newest member of our family

Well, I have waited long enough to try to figure out how to upload my pictures....we are so excited because:
Emma Anah
weighing in at 6# 7 oz at birth
Today weighs a whopping 5# 10 oz
18.5 inches long
born: October 28, 2010
She was early by 4 weeks and she and Jane are doing beautifully. She is a beautiful little girl which, if my pictures would cooperate, you would see that she is beautiful.
I was flying home from a visit...planning to fly at Thanksgiving when little Emma was due. I have change my flight and will be meeting this angel on November I excited...absolutely.
We are praising God for this little miracle.
Pictures will be added...I am determined!