Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thought that I would give you a quick preview of our Christmas, 2009! I'll do more later...

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Let's entertain more...

Another thing that happens (and has happened for the past 35 years of our marriage) at Christmas, we talk about entertaining more at Christmas. Out in Washington, I have begun to create annual events.

Last year I had several of the ladies of the church over. These are the saints of the church who are my mentors. They age with grace and love and they show the love of Christ and the passion for Him and His ministry is amazing. We couldn't do it just one wouldn't be a tradition. So we had it again this year. Helen told me that she was already looking forward to coming next year...Lord willing...(Helen is 96 and one of the most amazing woman I have know.)
We have been involved in a small group out here and for the past Christmases we have had a soup supper at our house. I make 3 different soups each year and try not to repeat one. It has become a favorite time for our group...
One of the soups this year was the Snowman Party Soup...and it was the favorite. That surprised me because we made dungeness crab bisque...which was my favorite but everyone liked the little snowman...

All of these events and the carolling at the nursing homes, the funeral home Christmas pot luck, and general shopping, running to the outlet mall with a friend...all were traditions that make the holiday season full and exciting. getting Christmas socks when you come to our house during Christmas...could become commonplace and unexciting...for me...these traditions, because of the people, are events that I look forward to each year.

Just wanted to catch you up on our month...more to know what they say...the best is yet to come...

The month in review...

T'was the days after Christmas and the quiet seems loud, All the presents have been opened and family have gone home.
It has been an amazing Christmas month with so many wonderful times with friends and family.
The month began with a trip to Seattle with a group of dear friends.
The DWIPS (Dangerous Women In Progress) set off on the train to see Seattle and this year...
White Christmas at the theater...I think 6th Avenue theater...
this year, Sue couldn't go so we adopted Anne and she did just fine with the rest of us, and didn't seem to be embarrassed when a man from another car came back to our car because...he HEARD women talking...ooooooo
We laughed and enjoyed the gift that God has given us...a friendship based in Christ and forged in love.

Barb, Anne, and I were the quiet ones...believe me...we were little church mice compared to the other ladies...

Anita, Peggy, Pam, and Phyllis were the ones who created the ruckus...after all, the man kept coming back to tell them jokes and didn't even notice the church mice across the isle.

White Christmas was wonderful. I loved the singing, the dancing, the story...what a kick off to the Christmas month.
God has given this gift to me and I am so thankful to Him for allowing these strong women in my life to challenge me on a daily basis.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A quiet reflection...

There are certain things that I can predict will happen every year during the Christmas season:
* Steve will always say we started too early to decorate
* There will be certain events that will happen:
~ The Moles Ladies brunch, the Small group soup supper,
~ the Saints' brunch (those are the wonderful ladies in our church who have inspired me and given a picture of what grace looks like),
~ Christmas caroling at the nursing home with the funeral home (this event drives Jane nuts!) This year we did a new assisted living group AND the old nursing home called and asked when we were coming to sing for them. Not that they don't have great groups come to sing, but one lady told us that we were so good...let me just say, we are not. This year as we waited for our pianist to arive I played Mary had a little lamb on the piano...with chords.
* I will usually try to shop in one fell swoop...I was almost done
* Our DWIPs will go to Seattle on the train
* Steve will laugh at Home Alone 1 and 2 like he had never seen it before

Traditions are becoming moreand more in this "new" place where we live, but ever since I became a believer, there is always a morning that I am overwhelmed at the presence of God. Today was that morning. It was quiet, Steve was upstairs asleep and I began my devotions. I always ask questions when this time comes about.

Jesus, did you know as a toddle that your feet and hands would be pierced? When did you realize hat you were the same God who, with His Father, spoke the heavens into place? As a child, did the depth of the love you had for me, wrap its arms around you? Did you ever become overwhelmed with the inevitable? Did you know that you would have to rely on a teenager to take care of you? What did you know?

Did Mary fully realize what her heart would have to endure? Did Joseph, quiet Joseph, realize that he would be a figure in he nativity set, but we wouldn't know a lot about him? Did he get grief from his friends and family because of their situation? Did Mary and Joseph realize that they would have to move away to protect their precious gift from God?

Yes, ever Christmas, I am overwhelmed by the presence of His glory. The submission of the King. The love of the Father. The willingness of a teenager to be the handmaiden of God. I am overwhelmed...because, He gave His life for me 33 years later. He loved me. He wanted me to be obedient, submissive, willing, and overwhelmed in His presence.

Merry Christmas. Think on the story of is a glorious love story filled with His overwhelming presence if you allow Him to invade your life.