Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 On April 21, I completed a dream.  Since I became a believer, my heart's desire was to go to a Bible school.  In 2004, when I retired from Bismarck Public Schools, I had searched for schools on line.  Then, in 2005, Steve and I moved to Ferndale WA.  Steve and I crossed the border to Canada to find out about the programs at Trinity Western University.  They said...no BA...no MA...go to the seminary.  I didn't want to be a pastor...I kept telling them that.  The registrar, Wendell Phillips, PhD., told me about a program, 31 hours and I would have a diploma from the seminary.  Didn't have to be a pastor...so, in 2008, I received my Diploma.  At the ceremony, I watched as students were hooded and told Steve, I want a hood.

So, I began to gather the required credits to get my MA.  (51 hours).  I took a couple of years off and this fall I realized that I was saying...I have 3 classes left to complete my MA!  I didn't want to say that the rest of my life.  So this fall, I took 1 class and this spring, I finished my MA project and a leadership class.

All requirements complete...I was able to walk through a graduation.  How I praise God.
 In October, I completed a 10K race in Omaha, NE.  When I was asked to provide a picture for the slide show with something that was meaningful I thought of this Scripture right away.  Then saw this picture...I knew that it encompasses what my family and friends have said to me.  Had Steve thought about it, he would have made a sign too!!!!

 I got my MA of Christian Studies and my HOOD!!!!!!!  For the past couple of weeks...I have been very emotional.  When the song Pomp and Circumstances was played as we walked in, I was very emotional...okay...I cried.  With each thing that was said, I cried.  Many of the speakers talked about the sacrifices that each of the graduates made, they also talked about the same sacrifices that our families have made.  I am so thankful to my husband who encouraged and proofread my papers.  I am thankful to our daughters and their families who encouraged me and who gave up time with me while I studied.  I am thankful to family and friends who prayed for me and encouraged me.  This hood that I received wasn't big enough to honor all of the people who helped and encouraged and prayed for me.
 YAY!!!  Thank you so much to each and everyone of you!!!!!!
And these are the friends that waited in line at the border to be at my graduation.  My sister and her husband came from Montana, gave up their grandson's birthday party to be with me on this special day.  There were 3 couples who because of other conflicts could not make the ceremony but I was overwhelmed with their love and concern and their request to be with me to celebrate this special day.

Above all...I praise God for He has given me this support.  And He has given me the desire of my heart....Am I done?  What am I going to do?  I do not know...I know that God has a plan for my life...just can hardly wait for His direction, His plan and His goals...Praise His name!