Friday, March 16, 2012

I went to class in Canada last week and on the way back across the border...there was a line.  For those of you who do not cross the border, we play a little game up here...guess which lane is going to go faster.  Did I make it before that car?  How many cars are ahead of me?  How many cars are ahead of that car? My competitive spirit rises to the top and that day the line was really backed took 1 1/2 hours to go across the border.  You can get a lot done in that time...

I looked at the lines and watched as that car wedged itself across 3 lanes of traffic right in front of me.  I thought he was really rude and pushy!!!  So, I had time, took out my school book and read.   Then it started...I would look and find that car and read.  I kept a look out for him.  He was making way better progress than I was but by the time I realized he picked the right lane, he was across the border and I was still waiting.  So, I did what came next...picked another car to be ... that car!  At one point, I thought I would "rest my eyes" only to wake up and see 3 car lengths ahead of me.  I couldn't understand why the guy behind me didn't honk...checked the rear view mirror and he was sound asleep too!!!!  Mouth open sleeping.

This went on for nearly the full time...look... check on that on that car until... I turned my head and my focus changed.  It wasn't a grey day any more.  It wasn't wondering if I would "win"!  It wasn't about someone else or ME! 

It had rained all day.  The direction I was looking was gray and colorless.  But out on the water, the sun was peaking through and there before me were millions of diamonds dancing on the water.  I was stunned by the beauty.  I loved watching the waves toss the gems from wave to wave and it suddenly came to me.  I miss so many of God's blessings when my focus is on the grayness of life.  

The writer of the Hebrews says: Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith.  It is all about focus.  I could have kept my eye on the line and that car but praise Him, I changed my focus and enjoyed His gift.

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