Monday, March 12, 2012

A gift not yet received...

The Gifts....oh, God is so great and He has given me so many gifts. I was wondering tonight if it is right to praise Him for something that I haven't yet received. It took overnight to figure out the answer because this morning, I know it is more than okay, it is anticipating the gift!

I am involved as a Mentor mom for the MOPS program that meets in our church. I love spending time with them and if they were to read this, it is NOT just because I get to hold their babies...but let me tell you THAT is a perk!

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of leading a Bible study for them. Devotions without guilt. I remember the times in my life when connecting with God was difficult. I remember days would go by when I would not spend time in the Word of God (and still do). I remember times dropping exhausted into bed at the end of the day and whispering a prayer, not finishing it because I had fallen asleep.

I also remember speakers and friends who put me to shame because I wasn't having a quiet time and instead of motivating me, I felt guilty. Who was I that I couldn't find time to worship the very God who created me and loved me and sent His son to die for me? I also remember the sweet times when I would hold my baby girl and sing hymns and pray her to sleep. I remember times when I was able to pray with our girls and show them that Jesus cares about every aspect of their lives. I remember the sweet Spirit that would fill the nursery when I rocked them to sleep and I still felt guilty.

Two weeks ago, we met and we will meet again today. I have heard from several of them. Potty training, illness, the busyness of life has made it difficult for these moms to connect with God and they desire to do it. I have also heard from one mom who changed kissing the "hurts" away to praying with her child in addition to the kisses. Focus...Fix our eyes on Jesus. Changing our vision from earth to heaven. This morning, we will meet again. God has a work to do in the lives of these moms. He loves them and He also desires to show them on a daily basis that He craves their attention.

My! Meeting with young women who want to be godly moms. Seeing encouragement change their lives. My gift today...MOPS moms. They are another reminder in my life that He has so many gifts for me and I just have to focus on what they are. Today is like Christmas eve! I know that the gifts that I will get will be fun and exciting. New things always are exciting. Today...God will work in a very special way in the lives of these moms. So, for this gift...I praise Him before He gives it to me...expectation, anticipation...His presence this morning is going to be amazing.

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